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Nano-Plasmonic Laser Inertial confinement Fusion Experiment

Professional leader: Tamás Sándor Bíró
Founding decision: 23/09/2020.
Sponsor: NKFIH National Laboratories Program

Brief introduction of the laboratory:
1. Induction and study of plasmon effect on nanoparticle doped polymer sample
2. Design and optimization of specially distributed and directional 
      gold nano-antennas
3. Implementation of nano-antenna doping
4. Irradiation of solid state films with ultra-short laser pulses, 
      technical elaboration of spatial and temporal overlap of pulses 
      in case of bilateral irradiation
5. Sample analysis by microscopic, spectroscopic and nuclear physics tools
6. Development and testing of impact cross-sections, tritium yield 
      calculations and computer simulations
7. Detection of COVID virus by Raman spectroscopy